Monday, March 28, 2011


hey all

hey all... i have been busy with updating Facebook as well, so those of you whom follow this website, please visit our facebook page as well. We are all doing well and I cant believe that our little girl Gracie will be 6 years old tomorrow!!!! We just had her birthday party this past saturday at a bowling alley and she hasd 9 of her friends join us! They all had a wonderful time:) jeremy has been busy with work and I have been busy trying to keep everything together.! as usual:) lily is growing like a weed and ready for vacation this year! Hope this finds you all well :) Take care Denah

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Latest with the Heidingers

Hey all... hope all of you had a wonderful and safe Christmas and News Years . Happy 2010!!!! I hope that this year is awesome for everyone:)

Things are going well here... a few things have changed. Jeremy and I are getting out with friends more often and I am loving that. I think I missed being me... , I cut my hair short finally after taking about it for so long. :) We got a hot tub through some friends and we are loving it. It is very nice sitting in it while the snow falls around us... however it is when it gets time to get out... very chilly! lol

Gracie is loving school... she couldnt wait to get back after Christmas break but we had a snow day the first day break. She was bummed.

We traveled for Thanksgiving, going to Ny to visit with my parents.. it was nice and we braved it out for Black Friday ! I love that:)

We also went out to Indiana before Christmas to celebrate early with Jeremy's Family. I love seeing them. I wished we all lived closer. Miss you guys

We stayed home for Christmas and loved it. My parents were here and we had a great time:)
This will definalty be a Christmas I wont forget. The girls are at the age that the Christmas majic is awesome. Lily's eyes sparkled when to sit on Santas lap... so cute. They sent off letter so to Santa and they received a letter from Santa in the mail Christmas eve. They were soooo excited... all that night was so cool.

Lily started her potty training and she has been doing awesome.. even doing number two acouple times.... hey we celebrate even the smallest of victories around here.. .haha.

So we are starting the new year with no resolutions only the promises to ourselves to be better people, honor Him and give to others...

We hope this reaches you well and we love all of you. Thanks for checking out the site , I ill try to post more when I can.

Cant wait til OSHKOSH in July!
Love: Denah, Jeremy, Gracie , Lily and Gunner

Getting the pumpkin ready for carving

Daddy being scary

" EWHH Daddy ate the Pumkin!"


Tooo Spooky!

The Girls getting ready for Gracies Christmas Program

Lily and I~ Gracie took this one for me

The Kiddos

Gracie and Gunner

Lily and Gunner

The Girls and their letters from Santa

Grandma and Grandpa

Lily and her mouth for of candy

The barbie House

Gracie and her Moxie guitar

Friday, September 11, 2009


Gracie's First Day of Pre-k

Hey there,
Just wanted everyone to know and share in Gracie's big day. She has been so excited to go to school for the last two weeks!!! We ofcourse went through a whole lot of outfits to get ready:) Gracie ended up with her choice and she loves it.

She had a wonderful day at school ... " I LOVE IT"... is what she said when we got in the van. Good luck trying to get any other information out of her as when you ask her what she did it is..." I cant remember" haha... too funny.:)

anyway take care everyone...

Remember to think of those who lost their lives today... 9-11-01
love to all

See my new horsey... aunt betha nd uncle pat gave it to me:).. i mean us!
The breakfast on the big Day

Lily was excited too

Gracie age 4 1/2 going to pre -k

Too cute:)

See posed like this all on her own... too grown up:(

Cheese... with excitement


waiting for daddy:)

outside the school

in her cubby at school:)

Dad and the school girl!

Mommy with her little girl:)

the whole gang

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Sorry for the delay~

Hey Everyone~
Thanks for checking in with us to see what is new. There was alot that has gone on since my last post...

Gracie is now 4 and there are pictures of her party posted this time.

We took a trip to Six Flags New Jersey and Washington DC to visit friends including ones from the Six Flags Ohio, TJ - one of the Sealions that I worked with, Sal and his Girlfriend in Washington DC. Thanks to everyone that helped to make that weekend so special for us as a family. Weekends like those dont come along very often and I loved every minute. Thanks to all

Jeremy and I went to Oshkosh this year ( like every year) and had a good time... some drama but all is ok :) The girls stayed in Ft Wayne with family and had a really good time there as well.

Lillian turned 2 in July and we celebrated her birthday when we returned from Oshkosh. Pics are now posted as well.

I celebrated another birthday this month and spent it with the family eating Outback and Gracie and Dad knew about the ice cream cake all day and didnt tell til we got Gracie loves to surprise me:)

Congrats to Dusty and Ally as they celebrated their 1 year anniversary.... best wishes
Congrats to Pat and Beth Cullivan as they also celebrate their 1 year anniversary too... much luv

Congrats to good friends of ours whose family has grown by two feet:
The Peranteau Family Welcomes Baby Noah
The Freaney Family Welcomes Sweet Lauren

We are now focusing in on Gracies First Day of Pre-K. She is so excited and talks about it all the time. We now have a count down calender with Stickers to help her know when she will need to get up early. lol. We will be going to get her schooll supplies this evening and she cant stop talking about when we are leaving. Daddy is planning on joining lily and I that morning to take her to school. He says he has to be there for me... haha . He is too funny! I am very proud of her. She is learning so much already and it is all self motivated. she is constintley coming to me and asking me how to write something or identifing something. :) Her First day is Sept 8th:)

Well thanks for checking in, enjoy the pics and I hope that you are all well and enjoying the last of Summer... take care and much love!
Denah and the Crew

~ Lillian Rose Age 2~



Lily's Lady Bug Birthday Cake

The Birthday Girl

Lily's Birthday Bash


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